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  • 1946.06
    In June 1946, Dipl. Ing. Walter Hitzinger, Dipl. Ing. Hans Schacke founded Dipl. Ing. Hitzinger & Co. for electrical installations and repairs located in Linz.
  • 2004.02
    As of 1st February 2014 the company Hitzinger was taken over by BHDT owner Dr. Harald J. Aichhorn.
    Therefore Hitzinger is now a member of Dr. Aichhorn Group.
  • Today
    more than 230 highly skilled employees develop and produce high tech products in state-of-the-art technology in 3 production plants with a total area of 18.000 m².

Production Facilities

What is Dynamic UPS?

Hitzinger's DDUPS system shortens the power supply duration to almost 0 second whereas previous generator sets show 3~5seconds during the power falure.
Hitzinger's Dynamic UPS

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