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Gas Generator Set

The features of the gas generator for the cleanest natural gas and biogas from fossil fuel as a raw material is gasoline and diesel in the amount of significantly less relationship of nitrogen, sulfur, greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, ozone), that occurs in petroleum and coal the pungent odor eco-friendly elements that do not produce benefits that occur when you use the fuel. It is possible if the gas generators are used in the home city, rare gas (LNG, LPG, etc.) of the fuel can be reduced to about 40% comparing to conventional gasoline and diesel fuel have created economic benefit and environmental benefits simultaneously using. If it is a pipe for supplying the gas installation efficiency requires no additional facilities and costs for storage and the fuel supply is also considered as an advantage.

* Line Up from 20kw to 400kw
* Able to supply in parallel Generating system as well
* Base Diesel engine can be Selected among HMC or Doosan engine