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Technology Introduction

D-Eco Energy's CPV System
  • -  CPV is ‘III-V Compound PV’ concentrating 500 up to 1000fold of solar energy.
  • -  CPV is the solar cell based on ‘GaAs compound’, and is capable of converting Maximum 44% solar energy into
       electricity in present.
  • -  CPV is the 3rd generation which utilizes entire solar spectrum for optical effect of both the 1st generation,
       silicon method, and the 2nd generation, thin-film method which utilizes only small fraction of solar previously.
  • -  CPV is currently realizing efficiency of 32% or more since the lens type which utilizes concentration of 1200fold or more and
       reflective PV module have been developed so far.
Whatis CPV?

Summary (Milestones)
  • -  CPV shows only tiny decay with time and temperature whereas PV shows significant decay.
  • -  The Installation cost per Watt of CPV was approximately 20% more than PV in 2015.
  • -  On the contrary, the electricity generating amount per Watt of CPV has been increased to about 56% more than PV.
  • -  The L.C.O.E (Levelized Cost of Energy) of CPV is currently approximately USD0.15/KW, and it may reach up to
       USD0.10/KW by 2016.
  • -  The installation cost of CPV may be similar as PV at the beginning of 2016 due to the significant efficiency improvement of
       solar chip, solar cell, module and tracker.
  • -  CPV is able to reach to the point of ‘grid parity’ in 2020 whereas PV would not be able to.

Products Introduction

Module Introduction
Module Introduction
Model No. Module Components Generating Amount Usage
Wedjat FL250W 42*Fresnel Lens 250W Generating
42*Solar Receiver (CETSC40A 4mm x 4mm chip used)
Wedjat 25M 75W 4*Reflector(250mm Diameter) 75W One unit module of small objective (Street Light)
4*Solar Receivers (CETSC55A 4mm x4mm chip used)
Wedjat 25M650W 36*Reflector (250mm) 650W Large generation (Solar Farm)
36*Solar Receivers (CETSC55A 4mm x 4mm chip used)
Wedjat FL250W (250W Module) : Generating / Living

Module Specs @ CSTC (DNI1000W/m2, Tcell=25℃)

Module Specs @ CSTC (DNI1000W/m2, Tcell=25℃)
Cell Units per Module 42
DC Module Efficiency 32%
DC Power 250W
Dimensions 1047mm x 885mm x 326mm
Cover glass 4mm tempered glass
Geometric Concentration 1200X
Weight 25kg

Module Operation & Warranty

Module Operation & Warranty
Limited Product Warranty 3 Year
10 Year Power Output 92%
20 Year Product Output 80% 이상
Operation Temperature Range -10oC to +50oC
Designed Lifetime 25 Year

Wedjat 25M75W (75W Module) : Small Module for Street Light (0.6mx0.6m)

Wedjat 25M650W (650W Module) : HCPV Module for Generating

3kW System utilizing Wedjat FL250W Module (Max. 5kW)